Installation Instructions 

  • Unpack the safety shower, eyewash and remove the signage
  • fit the shower valve activation lever 
  • Install into position (height is one meter from ground to eyewash centre)
  • 1" supply line is RECOMMENDED, 3/4" may work, 1/2" is unlikely to supply enough water and PRESSURE
  • conect to potable / drinking water. fit an isolation valve
  • fit the remaining parts
  • Turn the water supply on and check for leaks and remedy if needed
  • check the eyewash water flow if good no need to adjust
  • check the shower and eyewash working together, if good no need to adjust
  • if ADJUSTMENTS are required folow steps below
  • Setting Eyewash Water Flow 

  • set the eyewash flow first with the shower in the off position 
  • loosen the 8mm bolt that connects the eyewash's flow control valve lever to the linkage rod  
  • with the water running adjust until you get the desired flow then re-tighten the bolt  
  • next check the shower and eyewash for simultaneous operation by activating them both together
  • if eyewash streams are meeting softly together with the shower on, then all is FUNCTIONING well
  • if not adjustments will need to be made to the top end of the linkage rod 
  • Setting Shower/Eyewash Balance 

  • undo the 8mm lock nut at the top end of the linkage rod
  • screw it up for less flow and down for more flow
  • after adjustments, the linkage support bracket will need to be repositioned    
  • To reset the support rod bracket, loosen the 8mm bolt that clamps it to the ¾" shower pipe
  • move it up underneath the lock nuts 
  • the washer on the top of linkage rod must be up against the shower lever arm and CENTRALLY aligned
  • turn the shower on and off slowly a few times and check alignments etc
  • turn the water on and Check the shower and eyewash flows 
  • adjust more if needed
  • Fit the signage on and secure with the flat washers and nuts provided
Shower is in the off position with the support bracket up against the lock nuts, CENTRALLY aligning it and holding it up against the top washer
what happens her
the shower activated with the linkage rod lifted, OPENING up the eyewash flow control valve ALLOWING more water flow bringing the eyewash back up
the eyewash flow control valve is opened up more, when the shower is turned on to re balance the eyewash water STREAMS
high volume low PRESSURE eyewash water flow. this is an adequate amount of water with the STREAMS CONNECTING softly together
to clean inlet eyewash filter remove, unscrew hex nut and back flush. replace screen if damaged
screw out easy clean eyewash head  screens, and back flush 
Shower and eyewash comes mostly assembled in a sturdy wooden crate. this is a wall or off the ground mounted shower
this is a ground mounted shower and eyewash with foot plate and EXTENSION pole